Friday, February 3, 2012

FMS 1030mm HS-123

Hey everyone, just wanted to show the newest plane in my collection.

RC Groups Thread
ESC: 35A
Motor: 3536-KV850
Servo: 6*9g,
Wingspan: 1030mm
Length: 850mm
Radio: 4CH (Not included)
Battery: 11.1V 1800mah (Not included)

FMS released this on Fri/Sat last week (1/28/12) and I ordered it immediately from on the 28th, and it just arrived this morning, 2-3-12.

Here's how it arrived. Very nicely double wrapped in a garbage bag material and then a clear wrap.

The plane came perfectly with no damage. A few people in the forums have been wondering how/where the battery hatch is, so I took a few pics:

More info to come soon. I'm going to try to have this built and maidened tomorrow night at a indoor fly-in in Geneva, OH.

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