Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Cockpit is now done!! I printed off some instruments from here and cut/pasted them in the panel. I'm really starting to get the hang of this covering!

The funny thing that you'll only notice if you look up close is that the black in my cockpit is gold sparkle black. I hand brushed it on...and it was the only black I happened to have at the time on hand! It came out pretty well I think.

I have some more pictures to come today. I painted the wheel pants and cowling last night with color matched paint from Home Depot. $1!!!


  1. Hey Moose. Looking great! I'm glad the covering is going well for you and your doing some nice detailing that will help it stand out.

  2. Thanks man! The wing and feathers are a strong B+...the Rudder is a A. (if I were grading the covering job)

    However, with as many curves the fuse has, along with what I tried to do...I think I would have gotten a D+ or C- on the fuse. I almost tore it all off and started over agin.

    I fear is that with such a beautiful airframe...that with my covering and scheme, I've made it look like a 7 year old colored it with crayon.