Friday, June 22, 2012

West Michigan Parkflyers Mako Sea Plane

For episode #232 of the AllThingsThatFly Podcast, I interviewed John Van Baren who has designed a new plane for West Michigan Parkflyers. Since the plane is about to be listed on their site for sale, we figured we'd post these pictures here now so listeners can follow along with the interview.

Wing span – 32”
Length – 35”
Wing area 310 sq in
Weight - (without battery) – 13.5 oz      (with battery) – 18 to 22 oz
Center of gravity is 12 ¾” from tip of floats
Motor: 2212 – 1900 KV or 2212-2200 KV
Prop: 6X4E or 6X5E
Battery: 1500 mah to 2500 mah 11.1 V (2200mah is a good size with a 9min flight time)
Speed Control: 30 or 40 Amp

Thanks so much to John for coming on the show!

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